Announcing New School Note Policy

Cincinnati Children's announces new school note policy

By Dr. Angelique Gloster The school year is full of excitement — but it can also be full of colds and other minor illnesses. Sometimes those “bugs” mean a missed school day, and we want you to know that Cincinnati Children’s Liberty Primary Care, Cincinnati Children’s Mason Primary Care and Cincinnati Children’s Springdale Primary Care have…

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How to go toe-to-toe with ingrown toenails

Cincinnati Children's can help relieve the pain of your teen's ingrown toenail.

By Dr. Rosalynd Brackens Your teenager may be keeping you on your toes these days. But then in addition to the standard pushbacks and complaints, you begin hearing about toe pain. Toe pain, really? But what you see is enough to make your own toes curl. It’s an ingrown toenail. If the ingrown toenail looks…

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How we can form the best parent-pediatrician team

A strong parent-pediatrician team helps children develop to their fullest potential.

By Dr. Angelique Gloster Today’s parents are more informed and proactive in their children’s healthcare, which is essential to ensure the best care possible. At Cincinnati Children’s Liberty, Mason and Springdale Primary Care, we welcome and encourage parental involvement. We believe that together we form a powerful team for all our children — from birth…

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