Why to Call Your Pediatrician Instead of a Retailed-Based Clinic

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Retail-based clinics (RBCs) are growing in popularity across the United States as parents turn to clinics for some of their children’s basic medical needs. RBCs can feel convenient but are they really a good substitute for a primary care physician (PCP) visit? Why pediatricians are important Some use RBCs for quick, “easy” treatments for earaches,…

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Why Social Media and Appts. Don’t Go Hand in Hand

Cincinnati Children's follows social media privacy guidelines to ensure an effective, safe medical appointment

By Dr. Aimee Reeder At Cincinnati Children’s Liberty, Mason and Springdale Primary Care, we want every child to grow to their fullest potential by being both physically and mentally healthy. Your child’s well-being is our primary focus at every appointment. We want to use that time to answer your questions, address any concerns and give…

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How we can form the best parent-pediatrician team

A strong parent-pediatrician team helps children develop to their fullest potential.

By Dr. Angelique Gloster Today’s parents are more informed and proactive in their children’s healthcare, which is essential to ensure the best care possible. At Cincinnati Children’s Liberty, Mason and Springdale Primary Care, we welcome and encourage parental involvement. We believe that together we form a powerful team for all our children — from birth…

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Use pain relievers the right way to reduce fever

Pain Relievers Help Baby Recover

By Dr. Karen Agnew We’ve heard “Feed a cold, starve a fever” for as long as we can remember. But following that traditional saying isn’t the best advice to reduce your child’s temperature. Fevers — especially a child’s first one — can cause worry and anxiety in parents. It’s important to remember that fever is…

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Newborn hygiene and care

Father bathes baby for sake of hygiene

Your new baby will need bathing and routine care just as do all other members of the family. For the first few days, do not immerse your infant in water until the dried-up cord falls off and heals completely. Use a washcloth with warm water to cleanse the baby. Keep the cord area clean and dry.

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Newborn feeding

Mother Feeding Her Baby

Feeding is one of the baby’s first pleasant experiences. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it is a time to relax, but be comfortable and enjoy the intimate relationship your baby needs.

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Adjusting to your newborn

Mom and baby for "Adjusting to Newborns" Blog

By Dr. Amanda Lee Having a newborn in the house — whether it be your first or your fifth — is an all-consuming and chaotic experience. All routines immediately disappear and somehow the new addition suddenly becomes “in charge.” Remember that mothering and fathering are learning experiences: no one is a born parent. Yet, you…

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Routine well-baby check-ups

Doctor and Mom Doing Routine Well-Baby Check-Ups

Routine check-ups are a primary way in which childhood illness can be predicted, prevented, and treated. During the first years of your baby’s life, we feel it is most important that he or she be seen at regular intervals.

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