Protect Your Child and the Community — Get the COVID-19 Vaccine!

There’s an end in sight to lockdowns and social distancing. But we’re not there yet. Together we can end the pandemic by getting the COVID-19 vaccine!
The Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines have all been approved and are available in the United States. People over 16 years old can get the Pfizer vaccine while those older than 18 can get the Moderna and J&J vaccines.
“Our Cincinnati Children’s Primary Care team strongly recommends getting the vaccine,” says Dr. Ronna Schneider. “Although our practices don’t provide the vaccine, you can make appointments with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and other locations. It’s safe, effective and the start of envisioning life after COVID.”
You can search the Test and Protect website for other vaccine provider locations.
Vaccine manufacturers are planning and conducting clinical trials for younger children. Stay tuned for more information.

Keep up your good hygiene practices along with the COVID-19 vaccine!

“Until everyone can get shots in arms, it’s critical that you maintain good hygiene practices,” says Dr. Robert Wallace. “Wear a mask in public, wash your hands often and don’t gather in large groups with people who haven’t been vaccinated.”

We’re here for you

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