Why to Call Your Pediatrician Instead of a Retailed-Based Clinic

Retail-based clinics (RBCs) are growing in popularity across the United States as parents turn to clinics for some of their children’s basic medical needs.

RBCs can feel convenient but are they really a good substitute for a primary care physician (PCP) visit?

Why pediatricians are important

Some use RBCs for quick, “easy” treatments for earaches, allergies or stomachaches and primary healthcare needs, such as vaccinations and blood draws. While RBCs may seem like a good alternative, many organizations believe that these clinics don’t provide optimal care for a child’s long-term health.

The American Academy Pediatrics stated in 2014 that they believe RBCs are “an inappropriate source of primary care for pediatric patients, as they fragment medical care and are detrimental to the medical home concept of longitudinal and coordinated care.” The AAP instead supports the concept of “medical home,” a model of care in which the pediatrician and family share responsibility.

We agree that while RBCs may seem to help a family on the go, nothing can replace a pediatrician:

  • Our nurse practitioners complete two years of additional pediatric-specific training.
  • All our providers view any visit as an opportunity to catch up with families, prevent future illnesses and see each child with a holistic physical and mental health approach.
  • We offer flexible scheduling:
  • Our Mason office is open until 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday
  • Our Mason and Liberty Twp. offices are open Saturdays
  • You can also call after hours for emergency advice

We believe it’s important to take all illnesses and concerns seriously. Our providers know and care about our patients and patient families. We’re here to help in any way possible while providing the highest-quality care.

For more information

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