We Can Now Order COVID-19 Acute Infection and Antibody Tests

By Dr. Karen Agnew

We understand that many families are anxious to have their children tested for COVID-19. We can now do that and we are offering two testing options:

  • for acute infection
  • for the coronavirus antibodies

The acute infection diagnostic test

This test checks samples from swabs of the inside of the nose to determine if there is current infection.

  • If your child tests positive for COVID-19, we will discuss a a treatment plan and protective measures for your family.
  • If your child tests negative for COVID-19, it doesn’t mean your child won’t get sick. It’s possible that the infection was in the early stages or your child could develop the illness after being exposed to the virus later.

The coronavirus antibody test

This blood test will check for past exposure to COVID-19, not for current infection. If your child does test positive, it likely means that they were exposed and developed an immune response over the last several weeks. We want parents to understand that a positive antibody test doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee of immunity.

The process for getting your children tested

  1. Call the office at 513-336-6700 to schedule a Telehealth appointment. If you want multiple children tested, please make separate Telehealth visits for each child.
  2. Your provider will discuss if your child is a good candidate for either test and answer any questions.
  3. The provider will then will give you an order, so you can schedule the appropriate test.
  4. Our office will contact you when we receive your results to discuss next steps.

Call today at 513-336-6700 to schedule a Telehealth appointment with your provider of choice at Cincinnati Children’s Liberty Primary Care, Cincinnati Children’s Mason Primary Care or Cincinnati Children’s Springdale Primary Care.