During this uncertain time, it’s important to stay balanced. We understand that it can be difficult to stay calm while everything else seems so out of control. But we believe it’s important to find the positive in the world when you can ― from finding a “retreat space” and limiting exposure to the news to giving back to your community.

Eight great mental health wellness tips:

  1. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. It’s important to remember that everyone is trying their best during this time. Try to navigate arguments with grace, discontinue disagreements and not hold grudges.
  2. Find your own retreat space. Everyone should have separate spaces for work and relaxation. Help your kids identify a place where they can go when feeling stressed. You can make a cozy place or build a fort with blankets, pillows and beanbags.
  3. Respond gently. We’re all struggling with disruption in our routines ― including our kids! Since they value routine to feel secure, you may see increased anxiety, nightmares or meltdowns. Ensure they feel strong emotional connections and not face harsh consequences.
  4. Focus on attachment. We should realize how scary this time may feel for our children. Focus on them with increased playtime together and more verbal reassurances that you are and will be there for them.
  5. Practice radical self-acceptance. This means accepting everything about yourself, your current situation and your life without question, blame or pushback. You’re not going to fail because there is no roadmap. Just do the best you can in this unprecedented situation.
  6. Limit social media. We’re surrounded by alarming COVID-19 news. Find trusted sources that you can check periodically. Plus, make sure to keep alarming conversations away from children as they can be frightened by what they hear.
  7. Notice the good in the world. There is a lot of scary, negative and overwhelming information to take in regarding the pandemic. There are also so many stories of people sacrificing, donating and supporting one another in miraculous ways. It’s important to balance the somber information with hopeful information.
  8. Help others. Find ways, big and small, to give back to others. This can involve supporting local restaurants, offering to grocery shop and checking in with elderly neighbors. These actions give us a sense of stability when feeling out of control

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