How we can form the best parent-pediatrician team

By Dr. Angelique Gloster

Today’s parents are more informed and proactive in their children’s healthcare, which is essential to ensure the best care possible.

At Cincinnati Children’s Liberty, Mason and Springdale Primary Care, we welcome and encourage parental involvement. We believe that together we form a powerful team for all our children — from birth through adolescence.

Our Pediatricians and Nurse Practitioners promise that we’ll always:
• Explain your child’s growth and development, including what to expect next
• Monitor your child’s overall health
• Diagnose and treat illnesses
• Refer to specialists, when appropriate
• Communicate to our fullest capabilities
• Treat you as family

So, how can we always work together to help all our children grow to their fullest potential?

Communication is key

We believe the best communication is a good dialogue, and our providers want to hear all your concerns. The National Institutes of Health recommends several ways to help make communication a true two-way street:

  1. Prepare: Prior to a visit to your child’s doctor, create a list of concerns and questions. This will decrease stress during the visit
  2. Be open: Ask any question – there are no dumb questions – it’s important to get the information and answers you need
  3. Trust: While the internet provides some good information, don’t use it as the authority to diagnose your child’s condition. Listen to your provider’s advice and then ask follow-up questions.
  4. Access: Use our patient portal to access your child’s records and test results. This will also help you prepare for the next appointment. Having this information readily available is especially important for more complex cases.

As your teammate, we’re here for you when you need us. Contact us any time at 513-336-6700, or through the Patient Portal if you have questions.

“The child supplies the power, but the parents have to do the steering.” – Dr. Benjamin Spock

For more information

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