Celebrating birthdays during the COVID-19 feels difficult. Young children don’t understand the seriousness of the virus. Parents want to provide a fun celebration that protects family and friends. What do you do when your four-year-old daughter asks why this year is different than any other?

The only thing you can do is try to make birthdays and other events as special as possible. A joyous party can help our mental health, break up the daily monotony and make us feel normal again.

“Experts agree. Birthdays and other milestones allow children to feel connected to their community,” according to a Washington Post columnist. “At a time when communities aren’t able to physically come together, it’s especially important to remind children they still have a network that cares for them.”

But how can you throw a party while social distancing?

Tips for Festive Birthday Fun

1. Virtual Parties. Invite friends to attend the party virtually! Everyone’s grown accustomed to Zoom, FaceTime and other platforms — kids included. You can even send care packages ahead of time filled with cupcakes, party hats and more.

2. Hire a Performer. Before COVID-19, you might have hired Queen Elsa or Captain America for entertainment. Fortunately, you can still have your child’s favorite character virtually perform!

3. Be Creative. Dress up. Draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk and attach balloons to the mailbox. Build fun Legos and Play-Doh decorations. Design a scavenger hunt and treasure map with presents hidden throughout the backyard. Kids love YouTube, so treat opening the presents like an unboxing video!

4. Bring in the Neighborhood. Ask your neighbors to collaborate with you! They can hang signs and pictures in their windows with well wishes. Expand the scavenger hunt to include multiple yards. You can also parade around town on bikes or in cars!

Just remember the most important thing: Being together and celebrating the best day of the year!

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