One of the great things about living in Ohio is experiencing all of the seasons. But with winter’s plummeting temperatures, it’s important to help your children have fun and stay safe playing outside.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and outdoor thermometer

If your kids are heading outside for adventures, be conscious of what the weather will look like for the whole day. Keep in mind that the wind chill factor also makes it feel much colder than the actual temperature. Here’s a quick guide to determine if it’s safe to send your kids outside.

How to beat the winter chillsDress warmly

When you tell your kids to dress warmly, what does that really mean?

For the little time that your infant may be outside when traveling this winter, they should always have one more layer on compared to what you feel comfortable in. For your older children, they should have three layers:

  • A base layer of polyester (not cotton) to keep moisture away from the body
  • A middle layer of insulation – wool and fleece work best
  • An outer layer to protect from water and wind protection – Gore-Tex and nylon work best (for kids rolling around outside, bib-type snow pants are a good choice.

Layering also works for hands and feet. Your children can wear two pairs of socks: a thin polyester sock against the skin and a thicker sock over that. Consider purchasing boots a little larger than normal to accommodate both pairs of socks. Kids can also wear a thin pair of gloves with thicker and waterproof mittens over them. Help them adjust the sleeves and cuffs so snow can’t reach their skin.

Stay dry

Active kids can work up a sweat. Although they are producing heat from moving around, they can get cold when they become stationary. Wet clothing chills the body more rapidly. Encourage your children to open up their coat if they are sweating.

Fun winter activities to entertain inside

Is it too cold outside and your kids are getting antsy? Consider some of these winter activities that will be sure to melt away your kid’s boredom.

  1. Make homemade hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and whipped cream.
  2. Scoop some snow from outside and turn it into ice cream.
  3. Introduce your kids to your favorite board games.
  4. Instead of making a snow fort outside, make a fort with pillows and blankets inside.
  5. Take them bowling or to a roller blading rink.

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