As your thoughts turn from Christmas wish lists to New Year’s resolutions, you can involve your family in the resolution.

Resolutions can be a bonding experience for families. It also provides another way for you to teach your kids that life is about setting goals, recovering from any setbacks and celebrating victories along the way.

Here are three ways you can position a New Year’s resolution to get the whole family on board. 

Keep it simple

In order to share positive experiences, it’s important to focus on resolutions that are achievable and simple. Picking an unrealistic goal leads to unhealthy thoughts. If this is your children’s first time setting an ongoing goal, you want them to feel good about their progress.

Instead of a resolution like “No desserts this year,” you could choose something more attainable like “Eat healthier this year.” From there you can be more specific – such as “Eat fruit at every meal.”

Include your kids in the process

If your children are part of the process, it feels less like they are following another set of rules. Whether establishing a new habit or removing an old one, it’s important to weigh in consider the thoughts of your children. This will allow them to feel like they have control and are contributing to the process.

“For a family habit to be successful, you have to market it to the kids. Instead of phrasing the new habit as a conclusion made by mom and dad, open it up to a family discussion.”  – Dr. Ronna Schneider

Celebrate milestones and achievements

Keep your family engaged by celebrating. There may be some setbacks as you try to establish a new routine, but overcoming these barriers make the celebration that much sweeter. As a family, create goal-specific milestones and celebrate each accomplishment during the journey. This can provide a focused perspective on goal setting and can keep your energy up during any slumps.

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