How to make traveling abroad safe and fun with your family

As summer rolls around the corner, a beautiful vacation abroad may be on the calendar. As always, we’re committed at Suburban Pediatrics to keep your child safe and healthy.

Make international travel safe and fun

Make your international travel safe and fun!

We recommend making an appointment with us about 6 weeks prior to traveling. This appointment will include a comprehensive evaluation based on the country where your family will be traveling. We will review and print out the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which is available at under Travelers Health. This is a great resource of information for anyone traveling internationally.

In addition to general health and safety information, we will review the following topics during the appointment:

  1. Vaccinations

We will review vaccination records and confirm your child is up to date. Some countries will have recommendations for immunizations not routinely given in the United States. Most industrialized countries, such as Japan and Western Europe, may not recommend any further vaccinations. On the other hand, Russia, China, the Middle East, Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia are all country dependent.

We will provide referrals for immunizations that we’re unable to provide, such as Typhoid, Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis.  You should complete all immunizations at least 3 weeks prior to travel in order to be effective during the trip.

  1. Mosquito-transmitted diseases

Is the area you’re traveling to mosquito heavy? Mosquitos carry diseases so it’s important to protect your family. Mosquito repellent containing DEET and mosquito netting may be necessary to prevent infections, such as Zika, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya.

Malaria is a serious infection that’s transmitted by mosquitos. Your child’s appointment will include a prescription for Malaria prophylaxis as recommended by the CDC.

  1. Traveler’s diarrhea

Traveler’s diarrhea may be the most common illness associated with people traveling to other countries. We will review food and water precautions in detail, including avoiding potential unclean water. This can include avoiding brushing teeth and ice if a clean water source is questionable. The appointment will include a prescription of an antibiotic for traveler’s diarrhea as necessary.

  1. Health insurance

Don’t forget to check with your insurance to see if your child is covered while traveling out of the country.  Many domestic insurance plans to not be available out of the country. Whether your child is going on a mission trip or family vacation, make sure you know the coverage before they leave.

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At Suburban Pediatrics Associates, we can write necessary prescriptions and administer most vaccinations. If we don’t have a specific vaccine, we can refer you. We wish you safe travels and a wonderful time with your family.

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